Finding myself in Europe. What if people think I am Lost?

finding myself in europe

FYI. I’m not trying to find myself. I already know who I am. Well I know most of who I am. Most of us do. Most of us know most of who we are (for real)
Most of the time.
A lot of the time.
We are not allowed to be who we know we are.  We are not allowed to be most of who we are. We are not allowed to be most of who we know ourselves to be.

Just a thaught thought. Anyway. Have a nice sleep

Student Nurse Interview Q&A Part 2


Welcome to Part 2 of my Student Nurse Interview Q&A. In this post I will be answering five interview questions. Make sure to read Part 1 of this series if you have not done so already, and share this post with people who may find it helpful. This post also includes 2 drug calculations.

‘A rising tide raises all ships’.

If you would like a professional and comprehensive guide (detailed, supported with referenced nursing literature etc), alongside one that provides multiple examples of each questions let me know. I am able to create a ‘comprehensive interview guide for student nurses’, but only if there is a demand for it. The responses to the questions in this post are incomplete, solely relying on it to pass your student nursing interview is not advised.


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Answers to questions 1-3.


4. What is your understanding of evidence based practice?

Evidence based practice involves using the best available evidence to support your nursing practice.

It is unlikely you will be asked this question. Nonetheless, I believe the response below will give you a better understanding of some of the things you will be expected to do as a student nurse, and as a registered nurse In the future.

Example: ‘Evidence based practice is using the best available evidence to guide your nursing practice. The best available evidence changes all the time, this requires nurses to keep up to date with their nursing practice through continual learning. Whilst it is important to keep up to date with evidence based practice. It is also important to be aware of the fact that it is not a one size fits all policy. Every patient we care for is different, and may all respond differently to the same type of treatment. So whilst evidence based practice is extremely important to ensuring patients get the best care. We must remember that every patient comes with their own set of values that may or may not affect the way that they interact with the care that we have to offer.

  • Evidence based practice is an interdisciplinary approach to care. Sometimes patient preference is neglected, and importance Is only placed on research evidence and clinical expertise.


5. Why do you want to be a nurse?

  • This question is personal to you. Everyone who wants to be a nurse has different reasons, however there are similarities. If you are practicing these questions with a friend, do not be concerned if your answers to this question are similar. It is your past experiences (previous jobs, summer schools, work experience, maybe helping to care for a family member) that will set you apart.
  • What the interviewer is looking for is a response that reflects nursing values. To help you articulate your answers to this question, I suggest that you make a mental note of the 6C’s and the 10 commitments.
  • As already mentioned above, use past experiences and examples to support your answer.


6. What is your understanding of the culture of compassionate care?

Example: ‘I understand the culture of compassionate care to be a vison and strategy for nurses, student nurses and anyone who works in the caring profession. It mirrors the work that they do. The culture of compassionate care can easily be understood by breaking it down into 6C’s. Care, compassion, competence, communication, courage and commitment’.

  • Make sure you elaborate and explain each of the 6C’s. Just because you can list them does not mean you understand what they mean and how they relate directly to nursing practice.
  • Make sure that you use experiences and examples to support your answer to this question.
  • I suggest including a brief overview of each component of the 6C’s and then spending more time elaborating on one or two of them. The specific ‘C’ you choose to elaborate on will depend on how you feel you have demonstrated your understanding of each of these in the interview so far.


7. Why should we give you a place on this nursing degree over the other applicants?

This question provides you with the opportunity to sell yourself.

Talk about the individual skills you have and how it will help you to be successful as a student nurse.


8. Tell me about yourself?

  • Do: Give a brief overview of yourself professionally.
  • Do: Highlight your strongest points.
  • Do: Use facts and figures.
  • Do: State that you want the position and why.
  • Don’t: Talk about where you were born or how many siblings you have.
  • Don’t: Assume the interview has read the whole of you application. With that being said, this question is not the opportunity for you to list every single achievement.


Questions that I will be answering in the next post in this series are:

Is there anything that might impact your ability to become a student nurse?

How will past experience enable you to be successful as a student nurse?

Talk me through a current nursing issue, and is there anything that you can do to resolve it?

Are you aware of any nursing interventions/initiatives?

What is your understanding of patient experience?


BONUS Drug calculations

1a. Bob who weighs 80kg is prescribed 5mg/Kg of drug X in 24 hours. If drug X is to be administered over 3 doses, how much will he receive in each dose?


400mg to be given in 24 hours.

400mg to be given over 3 doses

400/3 doses= 133.333mg to be given per dose 

1b. If drug X comes in 80mg/2ml. How much would you draw up to administer one dose to Bob?

what has been prescribed/dose available*what it is in

133.333/80*2=3.333ml to be drawn up. 


2. Bob is to receive 750ml of IV fluids over 5hrs. The IV set delivers 20 drops per ml. At what rate in drips per minute should it drip?

750ml/5hr=150ml/hr         Divided by 60 (because there are 60 minutes in an hour). This is equal to      2.5ml/minute

The IV set delivers 20drops/ml


There is more than one way to reach the answers above. The methods I have used is one that I am comfortable with.




Questions that I will be answering in the next post in this series are:

Is there anything that might impact your ability to become a nursing student?

How will past experiences enable you to be successful as a student nurse?

Talk me through a current nursing issue, and is there anything you can do to resolve it?

Are you aware of any nursing interventions/ initiatives?

What is your understanding of patient experience?


For more tips and advice on how to pass your nursing interview watch this video.


Don’t pray to be someone else


Because everyone has their own problems. Life looks rosy on the outside, but everyone has their own battles. We all have our gripes. Now. I am not saying everyone has crap to deal with at every moment in time. But what I am saying, is that we all have things we want to change. Things that we wish we could improve. Others like you or me may see it as perfection. But individuals themselves may want to change it.


For example, people always complement me on my figure. BUT for the longest time I’ve wanted to change it. Don’t get me wrong, I really like my figure. However, like most ladies. I wish I had a smaller frame.  Let’s go deeper and use another example. I’m sure you may have heard this one or something like it. It’s about a girl on Instagram. Everyday she would post pictures of gifts (cards, flowers, money etc) from her boyfriend. Underneath the pictures would be a whole bunch of people commenting: #goals #relationshipgoals #couple goals, ‘I wish my boyfriend was more like yours’. Fair enough. Who doesn’t want their boyfriend to adorn them with gifts? Later on it was revealed that the reason her boyfriend was getting her so many gifts was because he was physically abusing her. He got them to ‘try make up for his wrong’. Moral of the story is, if people knew the crap they were both dealing with behind closed doors. No one would wish to be them. Yes, it’s good to have people to aspire to be like. But the moment you wish to be someone else is the moment you need to take a step back and really think about what it is you are praying for. Do you want the gifts, because you may also be praying for all the extras?

Nowadays, when I pray I read the Lord’s Prayer, asking for Gods will to be done in heaven and on earth. Because quite frankly, I don’t know what’s going on behind every closed door. Not all is what is seems, and I have no idea how big icebergs really are.


Why I took a break after University.

September 23rd, 2018. The last day of my 4-year undergraduate Master of Nursing degree in the UK. Long title. Titles matter. Anyway.


Rather than most student nurses who have jobs lined up so they can start working as soon as they finish. I decided to take a break. Like a real break. The initial plan was to volunteer in Tanzania for three months, but that completely fell through a fortnight before my last day at uni. One would have thought that I’d get a job instead and end my desire to relax. But no, my mind works differently, and I was adamant that whether I was volunteering or not. I would not be working in any capacity. I not only wanted a break, I needed a break. And as I’m writing this, I am so glad I decided to take one.


One reason why I wanted a break was because I needed a break. I NEEDED A BREAK. 4 years of uni with 7 weeks off a year. I needed one. I needed one to get my mind right, to get my body right. I was and am very aware of the fact that If I didn’t take a break, the world would transfer from being my oyster, to being the stew that I would be roasting in.


I mentioned in one of my vlogs that I didn’t want to get sucked up into the needs and wants of the world. I’m certain that if I had started working straight away I would have got lost in the system. I wanted to set my own goals. Outside of those that had been set for me long before I started my degree. I wanted and needed to recalibrate my mind.


The last couple months of my degree had me running on God knows what. My mind was racing and there was a lot of crap that I didn’t want to carry into the future. So yh, the main reason why I decided to take a break was because I needed to take a break. I was listening to my body and my body was telling me to rest.


In this world of Alpha leaders and Alpha success. Alpha money, Alpha assets. Some people equate taking a break with failure. ‘Oh, she took a break because she’s weak, because she is not strong. She took a break because she is lazy’. No. I took a break because I am strong.


Jet Li: You are killing yourself for a job that would replace you within a week if you dropped dead. Take care of yourself.


I am strong enough to listen to my body in a world that wants me to work everyday for the rest of my life. I am strong enough to go against the grain. I am strong enough to recognise my options and exercise them. Bloop. Life is about choices and I am exercising mine for once. I’ve come a long way. Situational.


Some people who were aware of my plan to take a break argued that I was wasting time. ‘You’re just going to be a band 5 for ages’. Remember, many people go far but they go the wrong way. They get lost in the process. I don’t want to get lost in the process.


A second reason why I decided to take a break was because I have more than one dream. I have more than one goal. And for me I needed dedicated time to fully comprehend all that I wanted to achieve: Start my blog. To read more. Reading more sounds so simple but it means a lot me. Allows me to learn things I wasn’t  taught. To study abroad and a whole bunch of things that I will share later.


Because I didn’t want to work as a band four, three or two. Some of you may know that you are able to start your nursing preceptorship as soon as you finish your nursing degree. The problem with that Is that you may not have your nursing registration. So even though you have started your preceptorship you may only be paid as a band two, sometimes as a band three or four if your trust is generous enough. This is a grey area. You have finished your formal studies. But you haven’t graduated, and you haven’t gained your official nursing registration.


I’ve worked too hard to be paid as a band two, a salary that I was qualified to achieve over seven years ago.


‘Never confuse what you are offered with what you are worth’


I know some trusts will make back payments once you’ve gained your registration. But no. I’ll wait till you’re able to pay me all of what I am due.

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