Finding myself in Europe. What if people think I am Lost?

finding myself in europe

FYI. I’m not trying to find myself. I already know who I am. Well I know most of who I am. Most of us do. Most of us know most of who we are (for real)
Most of the time.
A lot of the time.
We are not allowed to be who we know we are.  We are not allowed to be most of who we are. We are not allowed to be most of who we know ourselves to be.

Just a thaught thought. Anyway. Have a nice sleep

Nursing Associates cheap substitutes for RN’s

Nursing Associate: A role that was introduced in 2915 by Health Education England. It was created in order to Bridge the gap between Registered Nurses and Healthcare Assistants. If you have not already watched my video on this topic, watch it below. Subscribe to my YouTube channel for more videos like it.



I will use this post to highlight comments/questions from the comment section of this Video on YouTube. This will give us the opportunity to expand upon and reclarify points mentioned in the video. Let’s continue the discussion on

Don’t pray to be someone else


Because everyone has their own problems. Life looks rosy on the outside, but everyone has their own battles. We all have our gripes. Now. I am not saying everyone has crap to deal with at every moment in time. But what I am saying, is that we all have things we want to change. Things that we wish we could improve. Others like you or me may see it as perfection. But individuals themselves may want to change it.


For example, people always complement me on my figure. BUT for the longest time I’ve wanted to change it. Don’t get me wrong, I really like my figure. However, like most ladies. I wish I had a smaller frame.  Let’s go deeper and use another example. I’m sure you may have heard this one or something like it. It’s about a girl on Instagram. Everyday she would post pictures of gifts (cards, flowers, money etc) from her boyfriend. Underneath the pictures would be a whole bunch of people commenting: #goals #relationshipgoals #couple goals, ‘I wish my boyfriend was more like yours’. Fair enough. Who doesn’t want their boyfriend to adorn them with gifts? Later on it was revealed that the reason her boyfriend was getting her so many gifts was because he was physically abusing her. He got them to ‘try make up for his wrong’. Moral of the story is, if people knew the crap they were both dealing with behind closed doors. No one would wish to be them. Yes, it’s good to have people to aspire to be like. But the moment you wish to be someone else is the moment you need to take a step back and really think about what it is you are praying for. Do you want the gifts, because you may also be praying for all the extras?

Nowadays, when I pray I read the Lord’s Prayer, asking for Gods will to be done in heaven and on earth. Because quite frankly, I don’t know what’s going on behind every closed door. Not all is what is seems, and I have no idea how big icebergs really are.


God can’t bless you where you pretend to be. What that phrase means to me.


To me it means stop wasting time living your best life in your head. Just live your real life, even if it isn’t always your best life. What exactly is your best life? It’s all relative. Accept your reality and live in it. Don’t pretend to be elsewhere. If you do that you may miss what is really for you. People can’t meet you if you are not present. You can’t hear the doorbell ring if you are not home. Don’t let real life pass you by. Time waits for no one, and the time spent living in your head cannot be refunded. Instead, the time spent living in your head will be asking you for a refund! – ‘You didn’t live your best life properly, come back and do it again’. (Meditate on that and deep it).

God can’t bless you where you pretend to be. Not just in a mental sense; as in imagining things, dreaming of a 4-week work life in Bali. But also, in a physical sense. Can you really afford those trainers? Or are you getting them just because…. Why not leave the money and use it to buy something that is really for you? Something that will help you live your real best life. (not the best life that the world tells you to live).

God can’t bless where you pretend to be. So, live a life that is true. To. You:

  • One that leaves time for reflection
  • One that is guided by your moral compass
  • One that allows you to live freely without become a slave to the system

God can’t bless where you pretend to be. What that phrase means to me. To me it means. God will be with you where you are. God sends us peace. God didn’t send it to the house we will be living in ten years’ time. God didn’t send it to our graduate job. God sent it directly to you. Not where you pretended to be.


God can’t bless where you pretend to be. What that phrase means to me.

It means getting rid of your fantasy self. Your fantasy self is killing you. The person who you wish you were, but aren’t really.

Next post idea? Declutter your fantasy self and let your real shine?