My vegan journey: How I did it

I became a vegan very slowly. Having somewhat of a ‘why’ before I completely transitioned into a vegan diet helped to keep my progress consistent.

Quick note: I didn’t watch those vegan conspiracy programmes, Cowspiracy or earthlings. I don’t ever plan on watching them. I’ve seen clips, and I feel like, well I know for a fact that they have the potential to have a very negative impact on my mindset. (i.e nightmares and displaced anger).

So how did I really become vegan?
Well, I was a vegetarian for 18 months before I became a vegan. I cut out meat but was still eating dairy, eggs and fish. So more specifically, I was a pescatarian for 6 months and a full-on vegetarian for 12 months. Once I became a vegetarian I noticed that my diet wasn’t completely complete (ironic at the time, yes I know it).

As a vegetarian my diet was heavily based around carbs, a lot of carbs, bread, rice, pizza and POTATOES, a lot of POTATOES, and more bread which just annihilated my digestive system. I was at this stage of digestive annihilation for a while. Slowly I began to eat more foods that I knew were good for me, fruits vegetables and pulses.


I then began to cut out cheese from my diet. Cheese and milk were very easy for me to give up. I never really had a craving for them. While I was still a vegetarian, the next thing that I cut out was mayonnaise, this was harder considering the amount of POTATOES I was eating. However, after about 3 weeks I was complete over it.
All that was left for me to give up was eggs. Simply because eggs are so convenient. They are in a lot of snacks and can form a whole meal on their own. Once I made and was successful at the active intention to give up eggs, I was completely done with it. There was no backtracking. If I knew what eggs really were. They would have been way easier for me to give up. But hey, that’s what you call progress.

Once I finally cut eggs out I was a vegan. On Jan 1st, 2018 I made the decision that I was going to trial out being a vegan for a year.






Vegan? 3 reasons why

Becoming a vegan was a concept that I toyed with for a long time. But like most things that you don’t prioritise, the concept just remained a concept. Constantly bouncing in and out of my head.

The actual transition into a vegan diet wasn’t an ‘ahhaa’ moment, but more of an ‘okay…it’s time to do this now.’ The pressure that came with my new-found knowledge about being and life in general, was too much for me to continue eating the way that I did.

After being a vegetarian for 18 months. I made the decision to become a vegan for 1 year. The decision that I can do this, and I can be successful at it. On the 31st December 2017, I ate my last ‘veggie’ meal, thinking that this was my last meal as a vegetarian. I later realised that most of the meal was in fact vegan. I had already been living part of the life that I wanted to, just not very well.

Why did it take me so long to transition into a vegan diet? Simply put, because being a vegan is a lot more than the food you put in your mouth. It’s a responsibility to do minimal harm to yourself and to others.

Seeing as my one-year vegan journey is almost over. I thought now would be a good time to explain the three main reasons why I decided to become a vegan. The reasons below are not ranked, just the order of my thought process.


Health is wealth. I have seen the negative impact that poor diets has can have on an individuals health and well-being. I’ve seen 50-years-olds die from cardiac arrests, why because their diets were not up to par. Now, I am not saying that all health problems are caused by a poor diets. I know that isn’t the case. However, diet plays a massive role. So many diseases are caused by and exacerbated by health behaviours, poor nutrition-less diets being one of them.

Spiritual reasons

I am a Christian, and I believe that when God created animals. There was also a level of expectation. That Adam and the rest of humanity would respect animals. Since animals and humans were all created by the same God. I do believe that when they are alive, there is a certain level of humanity and respect that must be maintained. Stuffing 50 chickens into one wired cage and killing cows with blunt sledge hammers is not humane at all. Quite frankly its beyond not giving a damn. It is not the type of spirit I want my diet to be based upon.

God gave us dominion over animals. He didn’t tell us to take the piss.

I understand that there is no perfect way to kill an animal, just like there is no perfect way to die. But maaaaan…Have some respect, if not for the animals or yourself, but for the GOD that created them!

If you do eat meat, just try and make active attempts to source it more ethically. 🤷🏾 Baby steps.

For the animals

Because whatever your diet is. Meat eater, gluten free, vegetarian, dairy free, vegan, soy free. A lot of us know that animals deserve better. Way better.